100,000 British Airways Miles

British Airways 747

British Airways 747 by lrargerich

This is the best deal of the year. This is two free tickets to Europe or South America or four free tickets within the U.S. (on American Airlines), just for getting a credit card ($95 annual fee) and spending $2500 in three months. (And trust me, you can easily spend $2500 in three months, no matter your monthly income or expenditures. If you can’t come up with some creative ways to do so, drop a comment and I’ll drop you an email with some tips.)

Click here to take advantage of this stunning offer. This offer is only good until May 6th, so DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

As a further bonus, each calendar year that you spend $30K on the card, you get a redeem one, get one free certificate. So if you spend 50K points to fly to Europe, you can take a companion without any additional point expenditure.

This is also an excellent travel card since it has no foreign transactions fees.

If you need help imagining the possibilities, check out The Points Guy‘s great series of posts giving tips on redeeming the BA points for maximum value:

Updated to add mention of $95 annual fee.

  • Dave Fan

    Credit card “deal?” Dave ramsey anyone? I am debt free and in school. Did I mention I do not have a job?

  • Falber02

    do the miles expire?n

  • Anonymous

    They do, but they only expire if your account has been inactive for 3 years. You can reset that 3 year clock by earning or spending as little as one BA mile. If you still have the credit card and haven’t been using it regularly, just pull it out of the sock drawer and buy a coke at a gas station and that will reset the clock. If you’ve canceled the card, transfer points from another program, rent a car, or something.

  • Anonymous

    Dave Ramsey lies to his fans. I know he has great intentions (and does great work) and lying may even be “necessary” to some of his fans.nnMy parents always taught me that making unequivocal statements is very foolish. Dave does that. He says credit cards are bad all the time. That is not true. I’ve never carried a balance on a credit card and I’ve earned thousands of dollars of free travel and other perks that I simply would not have gotten if I had paid cash or debit. So what he says is not true.nnMaybe it’s true for the people he’s talking to, since his audience primarily consists of those who have a track record of not managing their credit cards responsibly. But it’s not true for everyone, like he wrongly says.nnIt does not matter than you are in school and don’t have a job and nothing in what I suggest would cause you to go into debt.nnIt’s up to you. Would having a credit cause you to go on a spending spree and buy things that you are unable to pay for? If so, stay far away. Do you have basic spending control? Then get thousands of dollars of travel for free. This deal alone can net you two $900 tickets to South America, for instance.

  • Anonymous

    Below is a comment I posted on Facebook in response to a question from a friend that interested in doing this deal to get free tickets to Ciudad del Este in South America:nnIf you took British Airways, you would fly from Philly, JFK, or Washington to London. From London you would fly to Sao Paulo. Then you would fly on LAN to Santiago and on to Asunciu00f3n. This would take 50K points and would include a free stopover (as long as you’d like) in London, which is an amazing value! However, you would pay British Airways fuel surcharges, which are $400-ish (though I haven’t checked South America specifically).nnThe second option is to fly on LAN the whole way for only 40K points and no (or minimal) fuel surcharges–a truly free ticket. You would fly from JFK to Santiago to Asunciu00f3n.nnUnfortunately there aren’t any OneWorld carriers that fly to Ciudad del Este. You could, of course, do the BA or LAN to Sao Paulo and buy a separate flight to Ciudad del Este from there.

  • Leon Ruch

    Relevant fine print: $95 annual fee, and half the miles (50k) post after the first purchase.

  • marcus

    u00a0Hey, I took them up on the offer. I’m already salivating at the prospect of visiting my brothers in Chile for u00a0a whole lot less than it usually takes. I could end up saving $2k plus.

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